Founded in 2004 with 02 overnight boats 06 cabin, 02 day trip boats, 02 managers, 19 employees worked at office and on the boats. The company business in the field of tourism with the following services: Rental boat visited Ha Long Bay, served meals and stay overnight on boats.


     With experience in tourism & sticking the sea. We branding Bien Ngoc attached Ha Long Bay one of the World Natural Heritage.

     To day, We have 08 overnight boats with total 65 cabins, 01 day trip boats with 40 seats and 80 employees.

We have achieved Top Five for 1 in 5 businesses have the best service in Halong.

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Bien Ngoc Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

     We are the first company at Halong Bay Ecological labeled “Blue Sail” brand for enterprise environmental protection consciousness Halong Bay green – clean – beautiful.

     Each year, the company always get the compliments of the State management agency on tourism activities, taxes, social insurance.

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We were brought to clients.

The staff friendly, professional, always smiles.

The boats clean, nice, full equipment.

Attractive program, full time, ….

     If You are Tour Organizers, Tourism Company or Tourism Agency, or only with love and desire for a pleasant visiting Ha Long Bay trip,…. Please contact us:


* Address: Number 16, Marine Plaza, Hung Thang District, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province

* Tel: (84.33) 3849681 | Fax: (84.33)3849694

* E-mail: halongbienngoc@gmail.com

* Website: www.bienngoc.com


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